'He Knows How to Play the Political Game:' Detroit News Backs Schuette for Governor

October 11, 2018, 7:45 AM

It's endorsement season and The Detroit News backs Republican Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette for governor in the Nov. 6 election.

"He knows how to play the political game."

"He knows how to play the political game," says a bylined editorial by Nolan Finley and Ingrid Jacques, the top editorial writers, says:

Few candidates for governor in Michigan have ever been as qualified as Bill Schuette.

The Republican attorney general comes to the race with a deep governing resume. Along with his current office, Schuette has served as a congressman and state senator from districts around his hometown of Midland. He's also been a state appellate court judge.

He would bring to the governor's office a deep understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each branch of government.

Just as important, he knows how to play the political game.

Political naivete hampered the effectiveness of both the current governor, Rick Snyder, and his predecessor, Jennifer Granholm. Schuette is not likely to be outmaneuvered by the Legislature, nor will he be thwarted by the special interest lobbyists who control so much of the policy-making in the era of term limits.

The latest poll shows Schuette trailing Democrat Gretchen Whitmer by double digits. 

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