Ted Nugent is Very Disappointed in Michigan. He Fears We're Becoming a 'Shithole'

November 08, 2018, 11:33 AM

Ted Nugent would like you to know how very, very disappointed he is with you assholes. 

And yeah, he called you assholes, or at least we think so. The source for this information is Yahoo!, and they asterisked out a couple of letters. Maybe he said "akkholes," who knows? 

Anyway, here's the relevant passage:

“Real God country family Michiganiacs are heartbroke that more of us want the once great state of Michigan to turn into a California s***hole,” he wrote. “Downright insane cultural suicide. Thanks for nothing a**holes.”

This from the Nuge's Facebook page.

Practically all the assholes know Nugent is a staunch pro-gun conservative, like most of the people who follow his Facebook page. References to Rashida Tlaib as "the Muslim" and pro-Prop 1 voters as "weed-smoking droolers" abound. But you don't need us to brief you -- go over and check it out for yourself, asshole. 

Read more:  Yahoo! News

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