MSU President Lou Anna Simon Was Bombarded with Angry Messages During Nassar Scandal

November 09, 2018, 5:13 AM

Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon, who resigned in January in the midst of the Larry Nassar scandal, had been bombarded with angry mail, according to The Detroit News, which reviewed more than 1,600 letters and emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Kim Kozlowski reports: 

Roughly half of the emails called for Simon to quit or be fired, with another 20 percent criticizing how she and MSU had handled the crisis. Another 20 percent expressed support, including pleas for Simon to stay on, while the remainder merely asked questions or thanked her. The email is among hundreds that Spartan alumni and others sent to Simon at the height of the Nassar scandal.

One email read: 

"As a loyal Spartan, I am heartsick that this monster was ever associated with MSU and that complaints about his behavior as long as 20 years ago were dismissed," an alum wrote Lou Anna Simon on Jan. 23, the same day women were testifying in an Ingham County courtroom about how the former MSU sports doctor had assaulted them.

"I have been in the process of updating my will for some time now, but have to put on hold," the email continued. "I cannot in good conscience go ahead with plans I have had for years to leave the bulk of my estate (in six figures) to MSU. I need more time to understand how my university could have turned a blind eye to the reports coming forward over the years and dismissing victim accounts. 

"It may be time for a thorough housecleaning, beginning at the top," the writer concluded.

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