UPDATED: Police Chief Ralph Godbee Suspended As WXYZ Uncovers Sex Scandal

Ralph Godbee Sm

UPDATE: Mayor Dave Bing's Communications Director Robert Warfield issued a statement announcing Godbee has been suspended for 30 days.

“After learning of the allegations regarding Chief Ralph Godbee, I have placed him on a 30-day suspension pending a full and thorough investigation of this matter. In the interim, Assistant Chief Chester Logan will assume the duties and responsibilities of police chief.” 

It's not like Detroit needs another scandal to make things interesting. After all, the ex-mayor is on trial. That should be enough.

But nooo.

Reporter Scott Lewis of WXYZ reports that a "potential sex scandal is brewing" and it involves Detroit Police Ralph Godbee, a Detroit cop and another woman who does not work in the department.

Lewis reports that the officer, who works in Internal Affairs, has been dating Godbee for about a year. When that officer learned that the chief was supposedly out of town with another woman, she started tweeting about their relationship.

WXYZ reports that the officer became distraught and authorities were concerned that she might harm herself, so they confiscated her gun and sent her for a mental evaluation.

Interestingly, the station notes, that former Chief Warren Evans was forced to resign after having an affair with Officer Monique Patterson. Mayor Dave Bing replaced Godbee, who later admitted to having a relationship with Patterson as well. --A.L. 

Read more:  WXYZ

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