Put it Down: Legislation Aims at Drivers Who Hold Phone

February 17, 2019, 9:32 AM

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It doesn't take long to find a distracted driver, holdingf a phone and chatting away while going 60 or 70 m.p.h.

Now, three bills that would only allow hands-free calls and texting, as well as increasing penalties for people who text or post on social media while driving, were introduced Wednesday in the state House, Kathleen Gray of the Detroit Free Press reports.

"You can’t navigate any road if you’re looking at your phone," Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said during the State of the State as she introduced  the family of Mitchel Kiefer, an MSU freshman who was killed by a distracted driver in 2016. "I believe it’s time for Michigan to join the 16 states that have passed hands-free laws to keep our roads and our kids safe."

In 2017 in Michigan, there were 5,237 accidents, including 23 fatal crashes and 1,514 wrecks that resulted in injuries, that were caused by drivers who were using some sort of electronic device while they were driving, the Freep reports, citing Michigan State Police stats.

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