Like Martha Reeves, Dan Gilbert Wants Jay Leno To Visit Detroit

Remember how Jay Leno told a Detroit joke last night on that show that used to be cool when Johnny Carson and Conan O’Brien hosted it? This did not sit well with Dan Gilbert.

Freep: “Jay Leno jumped on Detroit’s police unions for passing out literature saying the city’s not safe,” said Gilbert, Quicken’s chairman... “What can we do about people destroying the reputation of our city, locally and nationally?”

This is a very confusing comment because Leno didn’t “jump on Detroit’s police unions.” He joked about the Ralph Godbee controversy, which we can agree is low-hanging comedic fruit. Leno didn’t say anything about the Detroit Police Officers Association.

Maybe Comic Dans just heard that Leno told a Detroit police joke and made up the details in his head. That's possible. Or maybe Gilbert didn't care for the DPOA's demonstation outside Comerica Park this week, when they did pass out literature saying Detroit isn't safe, and he sort of used Leno as a strawman to make the DPOA demonstration seem like it was more damaging to Detroit's reputation (2012 homicides: 298) than it actually was.

Here is Leno’s actual joke: “Well, the police chief of Detroit was suspended after a female officer said she had sex with him in exchange for a promotion. And of course people are stunned. Detroit has a police department? Where are they?”


Either way, Gilbert would really like Leno to come to Detroit and--I don't know--have a couple beers at Forans or something fun like that.  “We need to get Jay Leno here,” Gilbert said, according to the Freep.

This isn't the first time someone made headlines trying to get Jay Leno to visit Detroit proper. Back in 2009, precious jewel Martha Reeves was upset Jay Leno performed a free show at the Palace instead of at a Detroit venue.

If anyone is interested in a relevant late night comedian visiting Detroit, Bill Maher will be at the Fox on October 27. -- JTW

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