A Young Pitcher, a Late-Night Mound Visit and Cops: 'The Best Spencer Turnbull Story You Will Hear'

April 03, 2019, 5:03 PM

After thinking "wait, what?" about an offhand comment by Ron Gardenhire, Chris McCosky follows up and shares "the best Spencer Turnbull story you will hear today, guaranteed."

Spencer Turnbull: "I didn't get arrested."
(Photo: His Instagram)

The Detroit News baseball writer asks the 26-year-old righty, picked by Gardenhire as starter for Thursday's home opener, to explain the skipper's reference to the pitcher's near-arrest.

What unfolds is an entertaining, true tale from last Sept. 6 that sounds like a scene cut from "Bull Durham" before the 1988 film's release. It's even set at the Durham Bulls' minor league ballpark in North Carolina.

We wouldn't dare step on the main action of the comedy-drama McCosky unspools skillfully, so will just tease your interest with this recollection from Turnbull about an after-hours mound visit:  

"I didn't get arrested. There’s a picture of me with my hands behind my back, but I wasn’t actually arrested. . . . I had my hands behind my back like I had handcuffs on.

"I didn't have handcuffs on. I was just standing there, trying to look unassuming."

Trust us: The rest is a must-click.

-- Alan Stamm

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