Podcast: M.L. Elrick Talks About a Rematch Between Lawyers in the Kwame Kilpatrick Trial

July 16, 2019, 10:28 PM

M.L. Elrick (Photo: Facebook Photo)

Fox 2's M.L. Elrick talks about a new face-off between attorneys who defended and prosecuted Kwame Kilpatrick on his latest podcast, "Soul of Detroit."

Jim Thomas, who defended Kilpatrick, now represented Troy businessman Faisal Khan last week in federal court in Port Huron on charges of bribing a Macomb County official. The trial prosecutor, Michael Bullotta, was part of the prosecution team in Kilpatrick's 2012-13 federal corruption case.

On Friday, the prosecution scored a victory. After three days of testimony, jurors took less than two hours to convict Khan on four counts of bribery. 

Khan faces up to 12 years in prison. Kilpatrick is serving 28 years in a New Jersey federal prison.  Make that 2-0 for the prosecution. 

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