Is A Serial Killer Stalking Southwest Detroit? Cops Say It's Just Normal Violence.

Despite what police are saying — that the tales of rape and murder aren't true — about 50 residents held a candlelight vigil Thursday at Patton Park to highlight what they are calling the recent spate of violence.

Some neighbors say authorities are ignoring the violence, but police insist rumors have spun out of control, according to George Hunter and Mark Hicks in the Detroit News.

The vigil would "commemorate those lost and those to survive the recent attacks in Patton Park," according to a flier distributed by Detroit Southwest Pride, the Detroit Colectivo de Muxeres (Women's Collective), Fender Bender Bike Collective and the Congress of Communities.

Gabriela Alcazar of the Colectivo de Muxeres said she heard the latest victim was a 16-year-old girl whose lifeless body was dropped off at the corner of Vernor and Sharon, a few hundred yards east of Patton Park.

"This supposedly happened Saturday," she said. "From what I hear, it happened in broad daylight. We heard she was raped and killed."

Another woman was rumored to have been attacked Oct. 13 and died, but friends at the vigil Thursday night said she survived, critically injured.

But police officials insist tales of widespread violence aren't true.

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