LeDuff: New Inquiry Looks Into Possible DPD Ties To Detroit Sex Clubs

Detroit Police DepartmentSalacious news about the Detroit Police Department never ends. The latest revelation is that the mayor's office and the force's Internal Affairs Division are investigating a possible link between police officials and two sex clubs.

Underage girls and illegal alcohol sales are involved, Charlie LeDuff reports on Fox2, citing documents:

Police officials from the Central District, the vice and homicide squads, knew that a sex club was operating at 300 East Milwaukee in Midtown as far back as October 2010. That's when the ex-husband of the alleged madam of the sex club was murdered in the back alley trying to get in through the back door. His murder remains unsolved and his ex-wife continues to be a suspect in his death.

Nevertheless, the club remained open and continued to operate until about January of this year.

Now city officials are looking at another nightspot a block away on East Baltimore, LeDuff says.

This club was raided in September by the sheriff's department. Deputies found upscale pleasure rooms, narcotics, showers and an underage, 16-year-old prostitute. . . . Undercover deputies found at least one Detroit police officer frequenting the joint.

Read more:  Fox 2 News

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