Obnoxious Ballot Ads Help Push State Campaign Spending to $175 Million

Blackvoters Screen Shot 2012 07 20 At 10.49.13 Pm

The figures always seem to be so absurd.

And this election is no different.

In fact, the Detroit News reports that an estimated $175 million has been spent this year promoting six statewide ballot proposals, plus electoral fights for control of the Michigan House and Supreme Court.

The News reports that $149.5million has been spent so far just on pushing the ballot proposals.

The upside: the obnoxious, and often misleading ballot proposal ads will suddenly vanish this week when the election is over.

"This is really all about the ballot stuff — that's what carrying the whole thing," Rich Robinson, executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, which tracks money in state politics, told the News.

Read more:  Detroit News

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