Liberal Metro Times Endorses Obama, But Not Without Reservations

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It comes as no surprise that the liberal-leaning alternative newspaper, Metro Times, has issued an endorsement of Barack Obama for re-election.

But the quite wordy endorsement does not blindly endorse Obama. It raises some concerns over his record.

We wish there were some other practical choice — a viable third-party candidate that more completely embraced the progressive values this paper has championed since its founding more than 32 years ago.
But the reality is that, unlike times in the recent past, there's no candidate representing the left wing who merits anything close to serious consideration.
And so, progressives are left with two choices: We can stay home in protest of Obama's failings, or we can give him our vote — both to fend off the certain disaster of a Romney presidency, and to ensure that we have a president who will at least be cognizant of our concerns — on drones and truly meaningful financial regulation, even — and perhaps willing to move in our direction.

But the piece ends with this:

When the only pragmatic choice is between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, there's no doubt about where the hope for a better future lies. That future is with Obama.

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