Highers Brothers Are Free After 25 Years, But Realize It's Not Easy Getting a Job

Raymond and Thomas Highers were like celebrities for a while.

You might recall a Detroit judge released them this past summer pending a new trial after they served 25 years for a murder they may not have committed. The judge found convincing evidence that raises doubts about their conviction (They are pictured above in court before their release).

Detroit Free Press Jim Schaefer, who followed their case closely, talked to them recently and wrote:

The lights from the TV crews are gone. The phone isn't ringing like it was. The well-wishers have visited, and the fund-raisers are over.

Now Raymond and Thomas Highers are seeing real life outside prison. There are bills to pay. Jobs are hard to find. And there's even some drama.

"Man, we're just desperately looking for work," Raymond Highers said Friday.

Schaefer writes that that the brothers have filled out job applications, but they've run into a problem when putting in details of work history.

"It's the 25-year gap," Raymond Highers told Schaefer.  "I don't know what to fill in there."

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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