UAW Prez Bob King Says Romney's Deceptive Jeep Ad Has Energized Members

King Ie Bpage

We may never know the exact impact on Romney's controversial Jeep/China jobs ad that's popped up in the 11th hour of the campaign. Expect political scientists and pundits to have fun with that one for a while.

But UAW President Bob King (pictured here) thinks it has energized his members.

Todd Spangler of the Detroit Free Press Washington bureau reports:

King didn't put numbers to his claim but said he's seeing more enthusiasm and energy than he expected in literature drops, door-to-door voter contacts and at call centers in the wake of Romney's repeating a false claim a week ago that Jeep would move jobs to China.

Romney followed that up with TV and radio ads in Ohio, a key battleground state, suggesting that the 2009 rescue of General Motors and Chrysler was more about creating jobs in China than in the U.S.

Chrysler has expressed annoyance over the ads and issued statement saying it's just not true that the company is moving all its Jeep jobs to China. 

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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