The GOP Can Start By Ditching Racist Frontmen like Ted Nugent

Romney should have cast aside the Nugents of this nation. (And trying to keep his type happy is exactly why the GOP couldn't get through to not only blacks and Latinos, but women, gays, city dwellers or young voters.)

As I suggested earlier this week, clowns such as old Ted reflect the sort of Republican voter that the GOP has spent far too long catering to, to the detriment of both the party's credibility and national relevance. He's a nut baying in the wilderness alongside packs of other hateful, blind extremists.

The GOP wants out of its ideological wasteland? Step one then -- even before they start up with all the fake-sincere "outreach" and cynical efforts to divide non-white voting blocs -- should be leaving Ted Nugent to scream and drown in his own bile, all by his lonesome.

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