Pete Hoekstra Even Loses Race For Something He Doesn't Want

half-minute commercial, which the campaign pulled in February after national condemnation, used an Asian actress and outmoded stereotypes.

Another ex-congressman from Michiganian, Thad McCotter, also makes the runner-up cut:

McCotter could have been forgiven his quixotic presidential campaign. After all, what politician doesn’t want to run for president? But what sealed McCotter’s spot on our worst candidate list was his amazing failure to qualify for reelection in House district after large numbers of his petition signatures were deemed fraudulent. McCotter eventually resigned from the House in July, ending one of the oddest congressional careers we have ever witnessed.  

As for the Post's "winner," Cillizza writes:

The race to the bottom wasn’t all that close. We are giving the [award] for worst candidate of 2012 to Texas Gov. Rick Perry for his remarkably poor presidential campaign.    

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