Red Wings' Prospect Riley Sheahan Nabbed in Tinky Winky's Teletubby Costume, DUI

You can't make up a police blotter item more colorful than this arrest report obtained by MLive:

A professional hockey player is charged with driving around midnight with a blood alcohol content nearly four times the legal limit, using an older player's ID and wearing a purple Teletubby outfit from a children's TV character known as Tinky Winky. 

Riley Sheehan, Red Wings DrafteeThe defendant is Riley Sheahan, 20, the Red Wings' top draft pick in 2010 when he was at Notre Dame University. 

His encounter with Grand Rapids police happened Oct. 29 -- two nights before Halloween and one night after he and Grand Rapids Griffins teammates beat the Chicago Wolves 3-2 in an overtime road game. 

The report released in response to MLive's Fredom of Information request says he was pulled over shortly before midnight for driving a 2012 Jeep Wrangler the wrong way on a cityt street,

Police say Sheahan, a Canadian citizen, had a blood alcohol content of .30 – almost double the threshold for a “super-drunk’ charge he faces under a toughened state law. 

He's also charged with providing false information for allegedly carrying the Michigan driver’s license of Brendan Smith, his 23-year-old roommate, teammate and fellow Wings draftee.

He was arraigned Nov. 6 and returns to court for a  Dec. 13 hearing. Peter J. Wallner of MLive quotes Jim Nill, the Wings' assistant general manager, as saying: "He's getting help right now and will continue to get help.'' 

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