Contractor Karl Kado Says Kwame and His Father Shook Him Down for Lots of Cash

according  the Associated Press. He said he also gave Bernard Kilpatrick $200,000 to $300,000 to Kilpatrick's dad.

"If you don't pay money, you are going to risk everything," Kado, an Iraqi native, told the jurors he was told. "It's like extortion."

Kado said he paid  Bernard Kilpatrick consulting fees, but he told the jury: "Consultant for what what? What do I need a consultant for?"

Kado at some point wore an FBI wire.

In a recording played in court, Bernard Kilpatrick told Kado he'd help him get the $1.6 million owed to him by the city, but only if he paid him 10 percent or $160,000, according to Ross Jones of WXYZ.

"You don't tell no one," Bernard Kilpatrick said.

The defense began to hammer away during cross examination, trying to show the juror that he was testifying for the government for his own benefit. He pleaded guilty to income tax charges in the case and received probation."

WXYZ reported that John Shea, Bernard Kilpatrick's attorney asked Kado:
"You had a heavy incentive to cooperate with the government, did you not?"

"Not necessarily," Kado responded. He said he had already told Bernard Kilpatrick he was done paying him.
Shea points out that "that wouldn't get you out of a prison cell." He finally admitted the yes, there were benefits to cooperating.

Read more:  WXYZ

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