Lapointe: Obama, In Redford Monday, Should Strike Back Against GOP 'Sneak Attack'

Joe Lapointe, a New Jersey writer who was born and raised in Detroit, has suggestions for President Barack Obama, who -- coincidentally -- is scheduled to speak in Redford Monday on the eve of the likely passage of right-to-work legislation in Michigan.

"The sinister nature of the Republican Party was self-exposed again on Thursday in Michigan when Governor Rick Snyder and his right-wing allies pulled a dirty, sneaky trick against labor unions.

"Without committee hearings, without public discussion, without any fair warning, the lame-duck session of the Legislature rammed through in one day a “right-to-work” bill that will seriously wound the unions.

"If the bill passes on Tuesday and the Governor signs it – both events likely – employees of union shops will no longer have to pay dues or join unions. This will crush the power of organized labor, which grew in strength during bloody battles with management goons in the 1930s."

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