A Prank Can of 'Liquid Ass" Lands Family In Trouble

This is a story you'd expect to see in The Onion, a satirical publication that makes up news.

But it's real.

Fox2 reports that this family in Marine City in St. Clair County, north of Detroit, is fond of the gag product called "Liquid Ass," which is described on the pump spray bottle as a "fart prank." 

"We've gone to Kmart. We've had our kids with it and were spraying," the father Jason Festerman told Fox2. "We've done it at like Dollar General. Everyone laughed...."It smells like somebody hasn't took a bath for three months and their butt is really, really sweaty and they haven't wiped their tush in a long time." 

Their fondness of the product has landed them in trouble.

Their son got suspended for a day for spraying the product in Marine City Middle School and disrupting class.

Fox2 reports after  the son got suspended, the father went to the school and got the bottle that had been discarded. He says he sprayed it to see if there was anything left. The school called police, claiming he was retaliating for his son's punishment. Police told Fox2 people at the school got sick.

Fox2 reported that the father says he was charged with disorderly conduct.

"I wasn't spraying it to spray it. I was checking, unfortunately I had to pump it, to see if anything was in it and it was," he told the station. "It was just a harmless prank. Now I'm looking at 90 days in jail and up to $500 in fines."

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