Guess What Makes 'Banned Words' List in 2012?

Banned Stamp Clipart

It's time for an annual out-with-the-old words and phrases exercise -- a Michigan-based ritual that makes way for a new year of cliches, strained metaphors and tired triteness. 

Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste Marie puts fiscal cliff and on its list of words and phrases that should be banned for overuse.

Also on the 2012 lineup are bucket list, trending, double down and YOLO (you only live once).

During the last 38 years, the university has listed nearly 1,000 words and phrases, Steve Carmody reports for Michigan Radio.

The new list also has:

  • Spoiler alert
  • Guru
  • Superfood
  • Job creators / Job creation
  • Kick the can down the road
  • Passion / Passionate
  • Boneless wings
  • Read more:  Michigan Radio

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