It Took a Village to Fail Murdered 8-Year-Old Tameria Greene

hild welfare system that in 2011 sparked an armed standoff with a loving and supportive Detroit mother because she exercised her parental right to take her child off of mood-altering drugs.)

And now, as Detroit mourns yet another dead child, it is the accused killer herself who seems to be trying to hide behind her obvious unfitness to raise children. After Greene pleaded not guilty to murder charges at her arraignment on Thursday, her defense attorney told reporters, "From what little I know about this case, it would appear that there's a serious question as to her emotional mental state."

Yeah, so it would appear.

None of this, though, has stopped Greene's relatives from claiming to be incredulous at accusations that she killed her own child. "She loved her children," they claim. Whatever. She also abandoned them regularly. She left them dirty and unkempt and alone. She beat them. She bit them. As saddening as the notion of her guilt may seem, it is not only within the realm of real possibility, it is almost a certainty.

Equally as distressing is the fact that, while it's Greene who faces charges of felony murder and first-degree child abuse in Semeria's death, there seems to be more than enough culpability to go around.

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