Closer to Reality: RoboCop Statue Bronze Casting Forms Are Ready

RoboCop is on his way, heading to Detroit from Vancouver this month – in dismembered parts.

A statue of the Detroit robot-cop from a 1987 action movie is a step closer to reality, Julie Hinds reports in a Free Press update on the offbeat civic project.

Assorted pieces of RoboCop’s torso, legs and other body parts necessary for the final mold — all based on an exact model by San Francisco’s Fred Barton Productions — are expected to be shipped . . . by mid-January. 

Organizers are targeting spring 2014 for an unveiling.

A local coordinator, filmmaker Brandon Walley, tells Hinds:

Brandon Walley

"We’ve seen pictures of a lot of those parts as it's done and it's amazing -- the detail down to the little lines in the helmet."

He chairs Imagination Station, a nonprofit that attracted more than $60,000 from online donors for the statue. It will be crafted at Venus Bronze Works in Detroit, Hinds writes, and displayed at a site to be determined.

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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