Some Yahoo State Lawmakers Try to Undermine Tighter Gun Controls

I don't -- not even semiautomatic rifles. And I have my questions about the seeming arbitrariness of the preference for the 10-round magazine clip over, say, the 8-round clip or the 12-round clip.

But I'm more than open to debating these matters. I'm not going to cover my ears and pretend as though there's no discussion to be had about more restrictive gun measures anymore than I buy this notion that the Second Amendment is some sort of holy text. And I'm certainly not going to push for wasteful laws that do nothing but register vague, grumpy disaffection with some alleged infringement that hasn't even taken place yet.

The President laid out some sensible ideas, even if I don't agree with them all. There's nothing wrong, for instance, with demanding more thorough background checks or closing tradeshow loopholes. There's nothing wrong with outlawing armor-piercing bullets.

Most of all, there's nothing wrong with maintaining an open and honest dialogue. At the very least, the president's opponents in our state legislature can take the time to find out what exactly they're opposing before rushing to stand against it.

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