Never Mind: Kilpatricks Decide Not to Solicit Funds for Kids' Private School

Perhaps Kwame Kilpatrick realized it just didn't look too good. 


WXYZ reports that Kwame and Carlita Kilpatrick have decided not to solicit funds to help cover the $32,000 a year tuition costs for a private school in Texas for their two teenage sons. Fox2's M.L. Elrick first reported last week that Carlita had written a letter asking for donations for the tuition.

But Ross Jones of WXYZ reports that Kilpatrick issued a statement last Thursday saying a solicitation letter for the funds was sent to two individuals and "we decided as a family, that our children would not attend the school. We called the 2 individuals and told them of our decision...No donations were needed at that point. No donations were received."

Fox2 reported last week that Carlita, in soliciting the funds, wrote:

"Tuition ... is $32,000 and we are receiving $13,500 in financial aid. We are still in need of about $20,000 and would like to ask you for some assistance .... Any financial assistance you would be able to provide would be a blessing to us."

"During Kwame's nearly seven year tenure as mayor, we were blessed to be able to afford and expose our children to positive educational experiences,” she also wrote. “But since his forced resignation, subsequent incarceration and onslaught of continuous media harassment, our family has had to make huge adjustments not only to our lifestyles, but to our lives."

The public corruption trial for Kilpatrick, which began in September, resumes Tuesday. The prosecution could wrap up its case this week and the defense could take up to about month to present its case.

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