Off the Rails: Girls' Weekend Out Ends With Too-Lively Train Ride Home

Well, at least they didn't drive.

Six women returning to Windsor by train from a Toronto theater outing got so boisterous they were cut off by Via Rail servers and admonished by police to chill out. Sarah Sacheli describes Sunday's railroad revelry in The Windsor Star:

Via RailTrain staff called the police on a raucous group of women returning from a production of "The Wizard of Oz" in Toronto. No charges were laid, but the women were threatened with being banned from Via. . . .

The women, who told police they’d been away for a “girls’ weekend” in Toronto, were loud and rowdy as they drank their way home. When train staff cut them off, they became belligerent, shouting obscenities.

At Windsor's station,  police Sgt. Matthew D'Asti tells The Star, some of the women became confrontational with officers who met the train.

Read more:  Windsor Star

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