Kilpatrick Is Locked Up This Weekend Because Of 14 Parole Violations

Kwame Kilpatrick's trip to pick up $2,000 at a Macomb County Walmart has sent the ex-mayor back to prison, M.L. Elrick of Fox 2 Detroit reports.

Kilpatrick reported to the Detroit Reentry Center after his federal court corruption trial session Friday today to serve a weekend-long sentence.

The former mayor agreed to the stay behind bars after state officials charged him with 14 parole violations. The deal means Kilpatrick will avoid a parole hearing that could expose him to a longer return to prison.

Kilpatrick has been wearing a tether and living under virtual house arrest in his mother's home since we aired the video of the former mayor stopping by the Walmart in Chesterfield Township last month to cash a $2,000 wire transfer from Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks. Brooks told us he was responding to a solicitation letter Kilpatrick sent claiming that his family was going through hard times and needed financial assistance.

WWJ reporter Kathryn Larson checked on the former mayor's menu jail menu, which features dinner choices of  a four-ounce fish piece or a six-ounce meatless burger made from beans and vegetables. The meal includes rice pilaf and applesauce cake. 

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