Could Justin Verlander Earn What No Pitcher Has Ever Made?

Justin Verlander

At this stage of his illustrious career, it can really be about money as it is about ego.

After all, how much is enough?

Detroit News sports writer Lynn Henning writes that Tigers ace Justin Verlander's contract is up next year, and he may want to get paid what no pitcher has ever been paid before.

Hennning writes:

Major league baseball has yet to sanction its first $200-million contract for a pitcher. And no pitcher has ever made $30 million per season. Verlander, a Cy Young Award winner in 2011 and a runner-up in 2012, and a man with a Most Valuable Player Award among his collectibles, will see his Tigers contract expire at the end of the 2014 season.

Henning concludes:
Tigers owner Mike Ilitch tends to side with his stars. He has gone past the $200-million plateau in signing Prince Fielder ($214 million) and might view Verlander and his imperial pitching presence as reason enough to do the unprecedented: $200 million, or $30 million per year.

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