Updated: Kwame's Dad Gets a Little Break: Feds Dropping One of His Tax Charges

reported. Lawyers argued that the prosecution failed to present enough evidence to convict, but the judge wasn't buying that. Closing arguments are slated to begin next Monday.


Every little bit like this helps.

Robert Snell of the Detroit News reports that federal prosecutors on Thursday decided they will drop one of three tax charges against Bernard Kilpatrick, who is on trial with his son Kwame Kilpatrick and Kwame's good friend Bobby Ferguson.

The government will drop the charge that he filed false tax returns in 2007. He still faces two other tax charges, which each carry up to three years in prison.

But Bernard Kilpatrick, isn't as they say, out of the woods.

He still faces racketeering conspiracy and extortion charges which carry maximum penalties of 20 years.

The government didn't explain why it dropped the charges, Snell wrote.

The defense Friday morning will begin arguing that the judge should acquit the defendants before the case even goes to the jury for deliberation on the grounds that the government failed to prove its case.

Frankly, the defense attorneys have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting the judge to throw out all the charges.

Closing arguments are slated for Monday.

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