Hey Girl Vol. II: Ryan Gosling, Politically Sensitive Detroiter

After Deadline Detroit posted an article about "Hey Girl, Detroit," a blog that suggests comical pick-up lines for Ryan Gosling to use during his stay in Detroit, HGD quickly spread about the inter-webs and became a viral hit.

Today, Deadline Detroit has an exclusive from the authors of HGD. We're offering Ryan (I like to imagine we're on a first name basis now) some advice on what to say to the more politically savvy Detroiters.

Screen Shot 2013 02 07 At 10.01.24 Pm

Jldlll Copy

Screen Shot 2013 02 07 At 8.12.32 Pm

"Hey Girl, Detroit" is the work of Deadline Detroit staffer Lauren Ann Davies and Detroit resident Julie Phenis.

Have a suggestion of something Ryan should say? Comment on this article or tweet @heygirldetroit.

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