Armed Response: Gun Permit Applications Up in Suburban Detroit

Concern about crime and the national push for tighter gun laws "have people lining up in metro Detroit communities and across Michigan for permits to carry a concealed handgun," Christina Hall reports in the Free Press.

Some counties reported CPL [concealed pistol license] applications doubled in January, compared with the same month last year.

Oakland received more than 2,100 applications last month, a 112-percent jump from January 2012. Macomb's level was 87-percent higher, according to figures in the paper's main front-page display.  

At the Macomb County Clerk's office recently, Hall saw a line of permit applicants that "snaked out the door and wrapped around the hallway in the county courthouse, with about two dozen people in line late in the afternoon. Staff members said the majority of people were turning in CPL applications."

Macomb County recorded its highest daily total of CPL applications ever on Jan. 16 with 109 applications, more than twice what the clerk's office normally accepts in a day. . . .

Statewide, as of Jan. 2, there were 355,586 approved CPL permits, with nearly two-thirds of them new applications and nearly a third of them renewals, according to the statistics. 

Woman And Target, Fuzzy
Michigan counties have approved 355,586 concealed handgun permits.
The Freep reporter quotes a suburban official who links the surge to talk in Washington, D.C., about tighter background checks and restrictions on semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines. 

"I have talked to some, and they are just afraid the (gun) laws are going to change," said Justine Schlak, vital records supervisor for the Oakland County Clerk's Office.

Wayne County applications haven't surged, though Hall notes that the county's 70,124 permit holders are the largest total among Michigan's 83 counties.

Here's a comparison of January applications in 2012 and 2013, as well as approved permits in the tricounty area:


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