Atlantic Magazine: Forget the Ruin; Detroit is a "Laboratory of Rebuilding"

The ruin of Detroit -- fodder for photographers and urbanologists round the world -- is old news.

Instead, the city should be looked at as a "laboratory of rebuilding," says the Atlantic magazine.

Atlantic magazine's Cities website page is examining the comeback of Detroit in a series called "State of Detroit." The first video installment was posted Monday.

"So much has been said of the crisis of Detroit or the ruin of Detroit. I think what's really interesting is, enough's been said about that," Atlantic Editor Richard Florida says in a statement posted on the Atlantic Cities site. " It's really an interesting place to look at as a laboratory of rebuilding. ... Great economic crises are generational events. We're only four or five years into this one, and already you can see the seeds of renewal and revitalization."

Sarah Cox of Curbed writes on the Atlantic installment about Detroit:

So we're intrigued by the new all-about-Detroit series, Detroit Rising, of which the first video installment rolled out yesterday. It is called "State of Detroit" and Atlantic Senior Editor Richard Florida essentially says we are past the point of Detroit's ruin being the interesting part ('nuff been said 'bout that!) and that it is on to becoming a laboratory of rebuilding.

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