NHL Realignment Could Revive Red Wings' Historic Rivalries

Having resolved their labor dispute, the NHL appears to be finally ready to move on a realignment plan to replace the current six division alignment with a four conference structure. What does this plan mean for the Red Wings?

Nothing but good things.

The Wings would join an eight-team eastern conference that includes Traditional Six rivals Toronto, Montreal, and Boston as well as Buffalo, Florida, Ottawa, and Tampa Bay. In addition to playing the Leafs more than once a presidential administration, the proposed realignment will ease the Wings' travel schedule. For fans, this also means fewer late nights watching west coast road games.

CBC: Under the new proposal, the Detroit Red Wings get their long-promised move back east. The Columbus Blue Jackets, who knew that being left as the only "East" team on the "West" side of the NHL was a recipe for an epic fail, were taken care of too.

Local television rights holders will love the idea of more 7:00 or 7:30 p.m. (local time) games. An how much more are the Canadian TV rights -- up after next season -- worth with Detroit playing the seven Canadian-based teams between 23-26 times per year?

As an added bonus, Deadspin seems to think the new alignment would totally screw over Colorado: "The Avalanche seem to be the travel losers, with no one in their conference closer than Dallas."

Sounds like what you might call a win-win situation. -- JTW

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