Former Dearborn Fordson Football Star Is Rehabbing Detroit One House At A time

Lots of people offer plans to revitalize Detroit. Sameer Beydoun is trying to do it one house at a time, John Gallagher reports in the Free Press Tuesday.

Beydoun's Metro Property Group, founded in 2009, is getting a lot of notice for its up-tempo approach to renovating distressed houses. Buying in bulk from a variety of sources, Metro Property Group renovates dozens of houses each month, renting them to qualified renters who may one day turn into home buyers.

Many individuals, nonprofits and companies renovate homes in the city, but Beydoun may be among the few doing it on an industrial scale, refurbishing around 60 houses each month. Each house gets a new hot-water tank and furnace; floors are buffed; kitchens and baths redone.

To prevent scavengers from stealing the appliances as soon as they're in, Beydoun installs combination-lock steel doors on his homes.

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