Suburban Couple Pull Into Detroit Driveway To Score Drugs, See Cops Shoot Dealer

Andrea Isom of Fox 2 reports police sources told her a St. Clair Shores couple decided to stop on the east side of Detroit to score some dope. According to the cops, they were parked in the driveway of an abandoned house, where Detroit police know illegal drug activity goes down.

DPD approached when they saw two young people who seemed out of place. A suspected drug dealer did, too, coming from the backyard, detectives said. His gun was drawn like he was prepared to pull the trigger. However, an 18-year veteran officer opened fire first.

"The officer said that he pointed a gun at them, and they shot him in the face," said Deion Allen. "A couple neighbors down there said that he didn't have a gun, said he didn't point [anything] at them, and that they don't know why he shot him."

The couple was not charged.

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