Mardi Gras Flair on Cass: The Marche du Nain Rouge Is Back March 24

Though it's still two weekends away, those proactive buzz-spreaders at the Detroit Regional News Hub are flagging the fourth annual Marche du Nain Rouge, a colorful Cass Corridor rite of spring.

Karen Dybis has the background, the changes and the spirit of an event she calls "fun, flashy and fabulous."

The idea behind this stellar event is to celebrate the banishment of the “Nain Rouge,” or Red Drawf, says organizer Peter Van Dyke. According to legend, the Nain has taunted and tormented the city for more than 300 years. . . .

The Marche du Nain Rouge has become an all-day affair this year, starting at 11 a.m. Sunday, March 24, with the inaugural Run Du Nain Rouge, organized by the folks at Tour de Troit. It will involve family-friendly (and some not-so-kid-friendly activities) reveling until 7 p.m. And chances are things will roll well into the night hours. . . .

The official start is 1 p.m. for the Marche, right outside Traffic Jam & Snug's parking lot. There will be an opening ceremony where the Nain typically acts cocky, the crowd crows back and everyone gets rowdy and raucous. This is a great place to see the wild costumes that people will wear, giving this event is Mardi Gras flair. Not only are you banishing the Nain, you also are welcoming spring, so you might as well look hot as hell. . . .

In its first year, the Marche brought about 400 or so people with it. This year, I’m thinking it could easily top 4,000. . . . It is a glorious moment to show your affection for Detroit.

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