Charlie LeDuff Lands on HBO's Bill Maher Show to Promote Book

Love him or hate him, one thing you have to say about Fox2's Charlie LeDuff: The man has an internal GPS for the limelight. 

On Friday night, he was on the HBO's "Real Time With Bill Maher" promoting his new book "Detroit: An American Autopsy."

Maher told LeDuff "your book is amazing."

Maher then noted that Detroit has been in the news because it has hit rock bottom.

"I thought it hit rock bottom like in '68," Maher said.

He asked LeDuff if he was a reporter or a journalist, and what the difference is.

"I like to be a reporter because a journalist can type without looking."

"Which one is full of shit?" Maher asked.

"A journalist," LeDuff said.

LeDuff talked about the gloomy prospects for the city, telling Maher:

"When police don't show up to your house for four hours when you have a burglary, you have a problem. When tires fall off ambulances on the way to the hospital, you got a problem."

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