Glengarry Glen Kevyn Orr: Possible EM Helps You Get That Lawyer Job You Want

The fine folks at Bloomberg Law gathered together top legal minds, plus the founder of something called "A Girl's Guide To Law School" to offer our nation's newest barristers tips for interviewing with that dream firm. The Girl's Guide founder says taking notes during an interview is "weird," so you should only do so on bathroom breaks. Huh. Who knew?

Otherwise this video includes the basic assortment of unremarkably common-sense behave like a normal, educated human being with manners stuff one expects from an interview tips video. You'd think anyone who managed to matriculate through law school without  succombing to toxic shock from eating too much paste would instinctively know how to talk to other adults intelligently.

Then again, with the glut of (ahem) "talent" streaming out of America's law schools, maybe there is a market for this kind of advice.

In any case, we bring this video to your attention because one of Bloomberg's experts is Kevyn Orr, the latest pretty little thing debuting as prospective Emergency Manager for Detroit. Orr advises applicants to abstain from alcohol during an interview lunch even if everyone else is getting (his word) "lubed." You should also avoid controversial topics of conversation and "Always Be Closing."

A. B. C.!

Orr is like Blake, the Alec Baldwin character in Glengarry Glen Ross! Maybe, assuming Mitch and Murray Gov. Snyder names him as Detroit's EM, Orr will rule the city exactly as though he were Baldwin's iconic Glengarry character. Think of the benefits.

  • It really will take brass balls to turn around Detroit. 
  • Blake "could go out tonight, with the materials you got, go out tonight and make $15,000." It would be great if Orr can do that too. Detroit really needs any extra money it can get.
  • Increased profanity would liven up news conferences and public hearings.
  • A sales contest could really motivate City Council. At the end of the month, the top councilperson on the board would get a Cadillac. Second prize is a set of steak knives. Bottom name is fired.
  • "Go to lunch" is just good advice and store-bought crumb cake is lousy.
  • If Detroit Future City could work those Glengarry leads, we could sell off a lot of vacant land. Get James Lingk interested in the east side. He'll buy eight units near City Airport, easy.
  • "Attention. Interest. Decision. Action." is a better operating philosphy than Detroit's current modus operandi of "Complain. Obfuscate. Pander. Inaction."
  • A Glengarry Glen Ross management-style means real savings from a greatly reduced city coffee budget.

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