Bob Bashara's Mistress Talks Of A Love Gone Wrong

May 21, 2012, 11:36 AM

Rachel Gillett tells WDIV-TV's Marc Santia that when she met Bob Bashara online, he claimed he was a widower who was raising a daughter.

She didn't learn until much later that his wife was very much alive, that he was married and the father of a son and daughter. 

But the horribly sad irony of Bashara's online self-description was the eventual death of his wife, Jane Bashara, in January. She was found dead in the back of her  SUV in a litter-strewn Detroit alley.

Police quickly labeled Bashara a person of interest, and Gillett's anonymity faded almost instantaneously in the glare of media reports and the murder investigation.

Bashara has not been charged and has cooperated with police. The family handyman is awaiting trial in the case, charged with murder. And gillett is picking up the pieces of her life.

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