Detroit Fashionista Designs A Gun. Edgy? Poor Taste? Stereotyping? Stupid?

As a Metro Detroit-based fashion designer and “Project Runway” alum, Joe Faris has designed many things — jeans, shirts, leather jackets — and now amidst the national debate over guns and in a city where the homicide rate is at a record high, he’s designed a semi-automatic handgun.

In the Free Press, Georgia Kovanis reports that artwork by Faris decorates the just-released limited edition American Joe 1911.

It includes tire treads that spell out USA, eagle feathers, stars and an American flag.

It’s just what manufacturer Cabot Guns wanted: a design that represents Detroit and America.

“I’m happy with the way it came out,” said Faris, who is 46, lives in Beverly Hills and has worked hard to raise Detroit’s fashion profile as well as his own. “I see a gun as a fashionable item, as crazy as that sounds.”

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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