A Detroit Art Theft Worth Millions

Warhol Art

Detroit may not have a rep as the art capital of the world, but it has a world-class art theft caper on its hands.

The FBI said Tuesday afternoon that it was checking all avenues -- art dealers, pawnshops and online sites -- to track down 19 pieces of art -- including an Andy Warhol piece --that were stolen from a Corktown business in Detroit sometime on the weekend of April 27 to April 29.

FBI spokesman Simon Shaykhet said the owner had kept the works in a storage area at his business, but not on display. The artwork was reportedly not insured. He declined to disclose the art dealer or the business.

"We suspect they may have crossed statelines or possibly left the country," Shaykhet said, explaining that it would be far easier to fence the paintings outside of this area.

The FBI said a $5,000 reward is being offered for information in the case.

The art work includes a "Flowers" silkscreen by Warhol (pictured to the right) and works by such artists as Larry Rivers, Francesco Clemente, Philip Taaffe, Joseph Beuys and Peter Schuyff.

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