After More Than 4 Decades, Why The Heck Does Arkansas Want Metro Detroit Man?

The state of Arkansas is gunning for Lester Stiggers. It has asked Gov. Rick Snyder to send the Metro Detroit man back to finish his life in prison term, saying it's a matter fo principle, according to Fox2.

But at this point the real questions is: Why now?

Fox2 reports that the  63-year-old Stiggers has suffered so many strokes he can barely walk or speak.

In 1965, at age 14, he fatally shot his abusive father. After five years behind bars, he was granted a furlough. He fled to Michigan. Fox2 reported that Governor Bill Milliken offered him asylum based on the horrific prison conditions.

"He has never left the State of Michigan.  He lives in fear every day that he could go back.  Every time we're anywhere driving, if he sees the police, he gets afraid," his daughter  L'Downne Hampton explained to Fox2's Alexis Wiley.

The family is hoping Gov. Rick Snyder does not grant Arkansas' request to return him to prison.

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