A Detroit TV First: WXYZ's Ross Jones Puts Former Anchor Rich Fisher On Hot Seat

Once upon a time, Rich Fisher made people squirm.

Thursday night, it was his turn to do the squirming, on the other side of the microphone.

And while he squirmed, he had a look of a man who had just eaten a very sour lemon, wrapped in uncooked bacon.

Ross Jones, WXYZ-TV's investigative reporter, aired a story about bad charities -- non-profits that spend a small percentage of the money they take in on the needy. 

Fisher, who was a longtime anchor at Channel 7 and Channel 2, was one of Jones' subjects. 


He serves as a director at West Bloomfield’s Foundation for American Veterans.  

As Jones reported:

"The charity serves disabled and homeless vets, and donors have been generous: giving almost $6.8 million to spend last year.  Almost $3.7 million to fundraisers, another $1.6 million to bill collectors and more than $300,000 paid out to salaries.  It left less than a million dollars—only 15 percent—to help those it was raised for."

The exchange between Jones and Fisher seemed to border on heated. 

“It seems like the veterans, who are supposed to be the ones helped by this, are actually just getting the leftovers,” Jones said.

“Well I wouldn’t use the word leftovers” Fisher responded.

“They’re getting 15 percent,” Jones said.

“I think a million dollars can hardly be called leftovers,” Fisher replied.

“Coming out of seven million,” Jones said.

“Ross, if you have a better way. . . tell me!” he responded.

Click here to see a promotion touting Fisher's street reporting when he was at Channel 2 in 1996.

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