Quotes of the Week: Lust, Movement Festival, DIA, Farrakhan, Mackinac Conference

Our weekly roundup has lines from Wade McCree, Kym Worthy, Kevyn Orr, John Conyers, the Donald and others.

“This is a nightmare that must be stopped. DIA is not for sale.”
-- Rod Arroyo, Beverly Hills photographer, commenting on his Facebook page about art sale idea

“It’s OK, the RoboCop statue is coming.”
-- Aaron Foley, Detroit journalist/blogger, joking on his Facebook page about DIA concerns

“Farrakhan made unacceptable racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic statements."
-- Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, on Nation of Islam minister, quoted in Free Press

“Why is anyone acting surprised that he said stupid, bigoted stuff in Detroit when he says stupid, bigoted stuff for a living?”
-- Neal Rubin, Detroit News columnist, referring on his Facebook page to Louis Farrakhan

"I'm sure there's an outstanding explanation for why something like a big gala, er, policy conference needs to be held in Mackinac Island(!) and not someplace closer."
-- Ryan Felton, Jalopnik Detroit blogger


"Movement is the closest Detroit gets to Woodstock."
-- Brett Callwood, Metro Times writer

 “I lusted after this woman.”
-- Wade McCree, suspended Wayne Circuit Court judge, at his misconduct hearing (quoted in Free Press)

"I asked him how he could be so stupid.”
-- Kym Worthy, Wayne County prosecutor, testifying about McCree at hearing (quoted in Free Press)

“The testimony was downright gross at times.”
-- Charlie LeDuff, reporting on McCree case at Fox 2 News

“Anything I do is better than where we were.”
-- Kevyn Orr, Detroit emergency manager, in Michigan Chronicle interview 

“The brutal fact is that the city keeps shrinking.”
-- Dan Howes, Detroit News columnist, on latest Census tally

“The day I pay $22 for a drink is the day I go back to Budweiser in bottles.”
-- Nancy Nall Derringer, Grosse Pointe Woods blogger, commenting on “craft cocktails”

"Fun fact: Whole Foods' liquor license allows patrons to drink while shopping. The future of grocery shopping has arrived!"
-- Paul Beshouri, Curbed Detroit editor

"Our country is going to hell because we’re so politically correct.”."
--  Donald Trump, addressing Republicans in Novi (quoted in Free Press)

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