Win A Shanty Creek Weekend In Deadline Detroit's Detroit Awareness Contest

Are you smart about Detroit? OK, big talker, test yourself.

On Monday  morning, Deadline Detroit will send out a three-question quiz about Detroit via email. 

The first person to return the email to Deadline Detroit with the correct answers will win two days for two at the Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire.

It’s that simple.

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Who's this on a statue is in Cass Park?
Flickr photo by Aidan Wakely-Mulroney]

Practice questions

  1. Whose statue stands in Cass Park?
  2. Name the person who drove the first automobile on the streets of Detroit.
  3. Who was the lead singer of the MC5?
  4. Name one site place where Detroit’s professional baseball teams played before they played at Michigan and Trumbull.

Good luck. Watch your in box before lunch Monday morning.

Practice quiz answers

  1. Robert Burns
  2. Charles Brady King
  3. Rob Tyner
  4. Recreation Park, Brady and Beaubien Riverside Park, E. Jefferson near SeminoleBoulevard Park, E. Lafayette and E. Grand Boulevard

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