Move Over, Campus Martius -- Now It's Cadillac Square's Turn

In some ways, Cadillac Square is he forgotten space of downtown Detroit gathering places.

The rectangular park, which runs from east to west across from the First National Building, lives in the shadow -- literally -- of Campus Martius Park next door.

Campus Martius is less than 10 years old, but it has captured national awards and the hearts of many downtown workers with its fountain, stage, grassy plain, tables and, recently, deck and temporary "beach."

Meanwhile, Cadillac Square, which goes back hundreds of years and has been the site of important rallies, protests and presidential speeches, just kind of sits there.

One day into summer, that's changing, with semi-permanent food booths, food trucks, tables and a brand new vibe that says fun in the sun.

On Friday, the food was abundant, partially due to the Summer Beer Fest that continues Saturday from 2-6 p.m.

Here is a partial list of the food available: pretzels, fried Oreos, salsa, nachos, chicken, ribs, ice cream sandwich, pulled pork, veggie barbeque (veggie barbeque?), beans, mac and cheese, pizza, pierogi -- from the People's Pierogi Collective -- kosher hot dogs, hot dogs and sausage.

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