Did Famous Artist David Choe Hide $10,000 Around Detroit?


Los Angeles-based painter-muralist David Choe -- who has painted murals in Facebook headquarters, among many other spots -- posted on his Facebook page Sunday night that he has hidden $10,000 around Detroit.

This what he posted:

"Made it into Canada tonight but hid 10,000$ in mostly 1's and a few hundos all over Detroit today. Enjoy - your friendly neighborhood gook KGB4LIFE-DVDASA - just becuz- why not ?"

As Susan Whitall notes in The Detroit News, Choe posted photographic clues on his page that include the photo at left. She writes: 

Choe can well afford the gesture. Known for his edgy murals, often with sexually provocative themes, he's made millions painting murals for the headquarters of social media giant Facebook and reportedly took company stock as payment.

If any Deadline Detroiters find cash, or head of anyone who does, please let us know at info@deadlinedetroit.com.

Read more:  The Detroit News

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