Transformers 4 Video, Photos: Optimus Prime Under Attack Near Adrian

The Autobot known as Optimus Prime runs a gauntlet of explosives on M-52 in Lenawee County. [Photo by Jeremy Sell]

While massive set construction continues in downtown Detroit for director Michael Bay's "Transformers 4," filming is under way with Mark Wahlberg and flashy vehicles in Fairfield Township, a Lenawee County farming community about 70 miles southwest of Detroit.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 near the Lenawee shoot.

Jeremy Sell of nearby Palmyra Township snapped the action a few days ago as a colorfully painted Western Star truck, an Autobot character named Optimus Prime, drove through special effect explosions on M-52.

Sell also caught a close-up of this low-slung Lamborghini Aventador model heading to or from the shooting site.  

He posted a 40-photo Facebook album that has been shared more than 500 times. The local film buff credits his access past police barricades to patience, knowing "secret back roads" and developing a rapport with crew members. He explains on Facebook:

I ignored the cops until they settled down. Honestly, the security was pretty laid-back.

At first the sheriff's deputies were chasing people back from M-52, but before long they gave up and you could get in close.

The Paramount producers and security didn't seem to care. I shot the shit with a production assistant, a security guard, and a guy in charge of moving Optimus Prime around.  

Highlights from Sell's album are reposted at Transformers Live Action Movie Blog and a blog called On Location Vacations, which has images and videos (see one below) from other fans. Its post says:

The shoot included everything you’d expect from the Michael Bay franchise – pyrotechnics, car crashes, a chase scene, Optimus Prime, Hound, a Lamborghini, Jack Raynor and, most importantly, Mark Wahlberg!

Shooting resumes Monday and Tuesday on M-52, according to the Adrian Daily Telegram, which says two miles will be closed.

Photo by "Dale," via On Location Vacations blog.


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