The Wedding Crasher: Snubbed Mom Accused of Ramming Cars

Here's what happens when an uninvited wedding guest actually does object and can't forever hold her peace.

It's from a police report, not a deleted scene of "Wedding Crashers." If it seems funny, you weren't there.

Here's how reporter Jim Kasuba kicks off his play-by-play in The News-Herald:

Police believe a 54-year-old Trenton resident intentionally rammed her daughter’s car after not being invited to her wedding.

The action took place at Silver Shores Banquet Center in Wyandotte as the bridal party prepared for an early evening ceremony last Friday. The snubbed parent allegedly rammed two vehicles and sped off in a burgundy Oldsmobile.

Speaking of burgundy, witnesses told cops the angry mom appeared to have raised her own toasts earlier.

The woman was not invited to the wedding because of troubled family relations, two friends of the bride told an officer, but she showed up anyway, and she was drunk.

The bridesmaids convinced the woman to leave and to not upset her daughter on her wedding day. She did leave the banquet hall, but not before allegedly causing considerable damage to two cars in the parking lot, including the vehicle owned by her daughter.

Officers stopped the damaged Oldsmobile in Southgate and arrested the mad mom for operating while intoxicated, open alcohol and leaving an accident scene, according to The News-Herald. An open container of alcohol and papaya juice was found in the car, the Downriver paper says .

Through slurred speech, police said, the woman was mumbling that it was her daughter’s wedding day but she wasn’t invited. 

The couple who tied the knot may laugh -- eventually -- when asked if their wedding day was memorable.  

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