Carlita Kilpatrick Loses Job, Moves Family Out Of Mansion

Times are tough for Carlita Kilpatrick right now. Long-gone are the days of expensive plastic surgery and five-figure checks from wealthy businessmen. Her husband is in prison and will stay there for a good long while. Earlier this month Kilpatrick lost her job. And now she's moved the Kilpatrick clan out of their $2600/month mansion in suburban Dallas.

Detroit Free Press: According to neighbors, the Kilpatricks’ furniture and numerous household belongings were out on the curb on trash pickup day last Monday, three days before the family officially moved out of the five-bedroom home they rented for $2,600 a month. According to Dallas real estate agent Will Butler, Carlita Kilpatrick was not evicted, but that the owner of the house chose not to renew her lease. Butler did not elaborate, stating only that the house is now on the market to be leased again, this time for $2,799 a month.

Neighbors said the Kilpatricks left a lot behind.

“There was a lot of furniture. It was a lot of stuff there … the kind of stuff that you keep,” said one neighbor, Malinda Carter, who noted she “rarely” saw the Kilpatricks and had no idea why they left or where they went.

You'd think she'd have at least held a garage sale or put some of that old furniture up on Craigslist considering she also lost her $41,000/year job with the city of Duncanville, Texas because city officials reportedly determined she wasn't qualified to hold it in the first place.

If times get too tough, maybe Matty Moroun's heartstrings will be again "tugged" by the Kilpatricks' plight and he'll provide them with another $50,000 token of his affection. 

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